Sunday, April 15, 2007

Grown-Up Portland

Is this the official color scheme for Portland hipster hotels?

One of the nights I was in Portland, Mark watched the kids (that's Scarlet in the photo below) so that Candice and I could have girl's night out. We had a great meal at Savoy in Portland - Chicken Kiev with mac and cheese plus greens for me, and we shared the fried cheese curds, which we dipped in tomato soup. Wish I had some now. There may have been some Clinton cocktails consumed, and yes we did talk about all the things you think we talked about. I love Candice for that. I think it had been a year since we saw each other last, but within 24 hours we were talking about manscaping (okay, that was me) and, well, that's all I'm gonna tell you. It's more than enough anyway, isn't it?

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Allison said...

Mmmmm... manscaping. Yes, I do remember that conversation. Now, if only I could talk someone into that...

Sounds like a delicious dinner! I have to figure out how to make me some carb-free mac and cheese. I really miss that.