Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Extra Special Post That You, Allison, Were Waiting For!

There you go, Ali. The man of your dreams, Josey Ladd Marsh! Also known, for obvious reasons, as Scrumptious. He really is a sweetie pie. Dakota brought him to see me at the cofee shop today and he was so good while we chatted. He was definitely making little grabby moves towards Dakota's latte, proving himself a true Seattle native. He looks so much like Clay around the eyes, but Ali! He looks like someone else we know! You know, funny brow fat and bald bowling ball head! Dear Reader, one of your bloggers MAY have looked like this as an infant. Possibly well into her first year. Hint: I looked like this.

Isn't Dakota cute too? It was so good to see her. As far as the mom thing goes, she's a natural. She looked all... beatific. I thought one of the nicest moments was when her whole face lit up at the mention of Clay and how much he is enjoying Joseph. Needless to say, we missed you. I gave him lots of smooches for you, though.

There were more cute boys later in the evening - Kevin and Pete. Don't they look enthralled? Of course they do, they're looking at Regan!

Look at that dimple! It was the day of dimples. Josey has just one. Anyway, Regan's so cute, it makes me all talkative. After the boys left, the talk of global warming ceased and we moved on to all the other important topics in the world, like how tight your jeans should really be the first day out of the dryer. Hey, look, sometimes it's really best to focus on the things you can control. We all have our own ways of making the planet more beautiful, you know?


LadyGripe said...

aaagghhhhhh!!! He is so cute! And the animal hat! I just want to nuzzle my computer screen.

Not appropriate work behavior.

I am so glad that you finally got to meet scrumptious! My heart is filled with an eency bit of jealousy, but I know that you gave him a grillion kisses for me!

Dakota's lookin' pretty cute too!

Now who are those boys?

mle said...

so, i typed "queenview seattle" into google and your blog came up. now i'm eerily obsessed with you and all the good looking people in your life. but i'll keep my distance if you'll give me any reason why i shouldn't rent an apt in the queenview sight unseen? i'm in texas (coming back to seattle next month), so i have to go on faith. the price/location are just right, and it has hardwood floors which i require. but are the walls made of paper? does it rain through the ceiling? does it rock in the wind? any mass murders in the hallways? btw- i'm not eerily obssessed with you. but you are an entertaining writer.
also, if you help me out, i can get you sweet passes to bumbershoot. :)