Friday, April 27, 2007

Stalking Noah Racey Part Deux

Go Roughriders!

So we did it! We went to the show, we waited afterwards and successfully accomplished our stalking objective to get a picture with Noah.

The show, Curtains, was very entertaining. It's really an old-fashioned sort of musical - which is really the kind I like best. I am not loving musicals with synthesizers (Le Miz, Rent... I'm talking about you! Avenue Q gets a pass because it's just so retardedly funny).

Any hoo, It stars David Hyde Pierce - whose signature we got on our Playbills as we waited for Monsieur Racey - as a Boston Homicide Detective. He's investigating the murder of Noah's leading lady on opening night. The whole theatrical troupe has to stay in the theater to re-stage the show with a new leading lady and madcap hilarity and singing and dancing ensue.

As in Never Gonna Dance, Noah was just fantastic. The dance style of the show wasn't as much to my taste as Never Gonna Dance - it was more Oklahoma-ish with some Astaire-style dancing thrown in. Noah was born for a top hat and tails, so that was sorely missed. Happily, he got to wear some Gene Kelly-esque sweaters and loafers - so that worked for me.

Afterwards, we waited outside the stage door, like the total dorks that we are. Owning our dorkiness, I would like to think. Despite the cold and the fact that both of us were hungry enough to consume one of our own body parts.

Finally, he came out and Dana announced herself - in that very wonderfully bold way that she has about her. "Noah! Noah Racey! It's Dana! Go Roughriders!"

He seemed pretty entertained by our being there, though perhaps some of the stalkerishness of us being the only people left at the stage door at that point gave him pause. He was with one of his co-stars in the show, who kindly took the above photo.

Then we wandered off in our separate directions for libations and food.

And no, I did not bring his Tolot picture for him to sign. That would have been creepy. Don't you think?

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Heather said...

Um, I'm just.... laughing. Is all. Just laughing.

Yes, go, OWN the dorkiness. We should all own our own dorkiness, whatever form it takes.

Heh. Seriously, ah... whose blog is this? I'm still laughing.