Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Belated Report on Tuesday's Menu

So, I didn't get any pictures of my food on Tuesday, so I am substituting a photo of Mom and Baby Heather – because that is pretty yummy!

Tuesday morning I had green tea, with a splash of milk (2 cups!) and plain yogurt with a bit (2 tablespoons) of whole-grain granola and blueberries.

For lunch I went to the library to check out books (the new Maeve Binchy and The Memory Keepers Daughter - I plan to weep a lot this weekend) so I just stopped at The Global Kitchen on my way back to the office and had 3 soft shell chicken tacos - figuring the 'soft shells' are my carbs for the day and offset by the protein from the chicken... and I took my Metformin

We went to the gym after work, for our first climbing experience in a criminally long time. So we decided to go out to dinner at the brewery that overlooks the Hudson - which is conveniently adjacent to the gym. That makes sense, right? Brewery, gym... gym...brewery?

Anyways, they had precious little for me to choose from. Lots of sandwiches and burgers and pasta and entrees with rice and breaded things. Things that have waaaay to much white bread involved.

I ended up having a salad with some chicken, blue cheese and tomatoes. And a glass of wine. It was really nothing to write home about. Except that Mom asked me to write home about it...

When we got home I had a seltzer with a little Acaia berry juice in it and took my Metformin again.

We seem to be eating out a lot this week! Usually, I go grocery shopping on Monday and try to cook most of our meals, but because of my freelance projects, I don't really have time. I'll cook a lot ths weekend to make up for it. We'll be in VT for three nights (thursday - sunday) so I will have plenty o'time to make use of the dozen or so cookbooks I have up there...

Just imagine me in the kitchen, doing my best Nigella Lawson impersonation as I lovingly massage some olive oil into the carcass of a chicken. And then shove half a lemon up its bum.

In other exciting news, apparently a friend of mine from high school, Mark Lamb - Mayor of Bothell - was on American Idol last night! I never watch the show, but Dana (my fellow Noah Racey stalker) saw it and called to let me know. I have to find that video online!!!!!!

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