Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Where It All Started

Yeah, so, it's a little past Mother's Day, but we couldn't really go without posting anything about Mom, could we? She probably hasn't gotten nearly the coverage she deserves here, especially since she's such a big promoter of the blog. Did you know she prints out and distributes pages all around the Skagit Valley? I guess it's the modern equivalent of the wallet full of snapshots.

But Mom is an interesting person herself, from the childhood on a ranch in Southern California, to the days with Marjie and Ross in San Francisco in the 60's to her current life in LaConner as artist, real estate agent and newly-minted Veronica Mars fan. When I saw that the reporter who wrote the story on mom's house for a Seattle newspaper started the article by saying "Nothing ordinary about Breta Malcolm" I laughed out loud. Given that, it won't come as much of a surprise to anyone that the quote I remember most from my childhood (other than "No blood, no band-aid") was "Only boring people are bored." She has always loved a good field trip, fine art, interesting characters, and tasty food.

But it's easy to summarize my favorite thing about my mom - she's a person who looks for things to like in the world. And that kinda explains us too, doncha' think? All about the love! Yeah.


Allison said...

This is much better than my maudlin rantings on the Mother's Day topic.

But you forgot to mention 'only floss the teeth you want to keep!' That one haunts me daily still.

Love you Mama!


Terri said...

Great photo! Great family!
Wonder where I've seen that before!
Hope to see all of you some time soon.