Monday, May 14, 2007

The Food Report - Monday

So Mom asked me to give her a report on what I eat every day, so that she could understand my silly PCOS/Low Glycemic Index diet in action. Since I did a really lame job of observing Mother's Day, I will attempt to at least follow up on this...

We had a Doctor's appointment this morning, so I started off bright and early with a cup of green tea with a touch of milk, no sweetener (not Chai latte anything, just regular green tea) from Starbucks (sorry! It's on the corner of the Doctor's block... And open at 7:30 AM).

Then, on my way to work, I picked up two hard-boiled eggs. Normally, I like to bring organic free-range eggs from home, but with the doctor's appointment, just didn't feel like it. Also, had a cup of my own green tea that I keep at work. Also, with a touch of milk.

At lunch I had to run down to my client's studio in SoHo to make a quick file correction for them, so I picked up a lemon-chickpea salad and turkey bites from a deli in my office building. The chickpeas have lots of protein and, since there are peppers, onions and celery, some additional nutritional value, and the turkey is also protein, and has tomatoes and lettuce, which I think offsets the minor amount of carbs from the wrap. Also, I dip the turkey bites in balsamic vinegar, which is both tasty and good for slowing down your digestion. I drank a glass of water and took my Metformin (glucophage).

For dinner, I had to work late on a project, so I picked up a chicken salad from the organic mexican restaurant in our building. Lettuce tomatoes, organic chicken, beans, some cheese and avocado. I had seltzer with a little Acaia berry juice. Woohoo! Partay!

Not anywhere near as good as your fish tacos, I am sure.

Now where did I put those chocolate kisses.... just kidding... No candy! I have to go take my second dose of Metformin now... mmm... tasty.
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