Monday, May 14, 2007

Mondays With Susan

Susan can't decide what to eat first - truffle fries, or drunken crispy chicken?

Just to prove that NYC doesn't have the market cornered on good places to eat, Susan and I went to the new Baguette Box in Fremont today. Very tasty, but next time I think Susan and I can split a sandwich and order of fries. The sandwich was as big as her forearm, for god's sake!

And just to prove that I don't have to eat EVERY meal out (and maybe in reaction to that statement about how a certain someone claims to have never seen me cook a meal), we went to the grocery store where I bought pretty things to put into fish tacos, a nice big avocado, some lime, plump tomatoes that actually smelled like a tomato should... and then I left it all in the fridge at Susan's house. Hey, America's Next Top Model can be very distracting.

Miss you already, Allison. And plotting my return!

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