Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fact or Fiction: The Killington Curse...

An alpine skier, a snowboarder and a telemarker. There's a joke in there somewhere...

So, last weekend we were trapped in the city by Doctor’s appointments and Eugene’s work. We managed to salvage some fun by having dinner with my climbing ladies Friday, going out to dinner Saturday night and to the Bronx Botanical Gardens with the aforementioned climbing ladies on Sunday. Including HK who is wonderfully, gigantically, lusciously pregnant with her little girl and Tamara, who brought her precocious 3-year-old Sophie, and Elizabeth, who I just really, really love to see.

However, the weekend before we capped off our ski season with some sunny (70 degrees!) deep mashed potato snow skiing (or riding in my case) at Killington. It’s a mountain that is about an hour north of our house in Vermont where they accumulate enough snow to stay open until mid-May. Crazy people were skiing in bathing suits!

So happy! So sunny! We needed sunscreen for the lift ride.

We’ve always suffered from ‘The Killington Curse’, whereby something must go terribly wrong while we are there (I had a snowboard stolen, our car got sideswiped, our passes wouldn’t work, etc. etc. ad nauseum). However, with our mountain closed and so much delicious snow still around, we had to give it a try.

Euge and Kenny giving me their manliest pose before ripping down the black diamond behind them. Note Eugene's plaid and Kenny's jeans. We don't need no waterproof ski gear!

So we wrangled Eugene’s friend from college, Kenny, up from Boston. You may remember him from the wedding. He was the expert videographer who caught Euge diving over my head during our first dance. Anyhoo, he hopped into his Mini Cooper S and hightailed it up for the day.

The mini! So cute!

We had an awesome time. The day was sunny, the snow was deep, the terrain was steep and there were relatively few people there. Yay!

See! It's just us and the mountain...

And the Killington Curse? Well, Kenny’s bindings broke so I suppose there is still something to it. Ah well.

Me, apres ski. I got a bit of a sunburn.

This post was somewhat delayed because I was waiting for my photos to come back from the developer. These bad boys were taken with a disposable camera….

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