Wednesday, May 02, 2007

A Little Late, But Still...

Another lovely field trip yesterday. Several of them, actually. First there was coffee with Ben, back to the old standard, Fiore. I was extra late, so when I came in and just sat down with him rather than waiting. Bobby saw me and called over to ask if I wanted him to make me a latte. Fun as the coffee shop field trips are, that kind of thing really only happens with your neighborhood coffee shop.

After coffee, there was lunch with my delightful friend Paul, where we determined what the secret to relationships is, for us. More on that later, maybe. From lunch I was off to a play date with Dana and then Bright Eyes, as pictured earlier.

Surely the most difficult thing about my life these days is the fact that there's no way to capture all the fun on the pages of this blog. Don't you feel sorry for me? Ha. I must have half a dozen post ideas that I just haven't been able to get to. How many posts will you all read in a week anyway? I've always been curious about reader habits, whether people check the web site and just read what's on the front page - or do you scroll back and read earlier entries that you might have missed? I have to confess that when you post, Allison, I sometimes delay posting so that I won't "bury" what you've put up. Sometimes.

Anyway, the photos above are from Adventures with Dana. We had a great time, and her hair was lustrous as always. I had always wanted to go to Open Books, the all-poetry bookstore here in Seattle, so I was pretty excited when Dana suggested it. If anyone can keep a poetry bookstore from being scary, it's Dana. There is something a little intimidating about all poetry all the time, don't you think?

Turns out I needn't have been afraid at all. What a fantastic place! I loved all the quotes on the walls, the old typewriters and books books books. The guy who was there was one of the owners, I think (I should have asked!) and he was great, totally approachable and helpful. After we left, Dana said "I love going there, it's like having your own personal shopper, for poetry!"

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