Thursday, May 03, 2007

This Boy Needs to Win!

So Dakota has entered Joseph's nursery in a nursery design competition and we all need to go vote for him!

They could win a $2000 store credit! I know that you have to register to vote, but it is actually quite a cool site and it takes only a moment.

I know that you all HAVE to think that he is as adorable and scrumptious as I think he is and he deserves all the wonderful deluxe baby stuff that they would be able to buy him with that credit!

Plus, I think Dakota and Clay deserve some props for making such a cute and stylish nursery out of such a teeny tiny space. Its colorful and whimsical and not a 'brand baby' nursery, which I think is especially cool in this day and age when everything is so Disney-fied.

See how cute! Now. please, go vote! Consider it your good deed for the day.


Heather said...

Go Joseph! I registered! I voted! Apartment Therapy is a really great web site anyway.

Okay, going to pack now...

Barb said...

I voted. It is a cool nursery. But who cares wbout the nursery when the boy is that damn cute. How completely adorable!