Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Even a Bad Day at the Ranch is a Good Day

Liam, maybe?

The longest drive I've ever had to make was the drive to Doc Howard's office the day Rose almost died. The second longest was the drive back to the ranch without her. Yesterday I made that round-trip drive again, with Fenton this time. It wasn't quite as long, since we knew he wasn't in mortal danger, but I still hated pulling up and having the girls and puppy sniff around for their brother, who I had to leave behind for stitches. He somehow managed to rip his front legs open, maybe because every time he creeps under the barbed wire, as he has been doing no doubt for years, his little brother now jumps on his head. Oh, puppy.

At Doc Howard's, they stitched him up with stainless steel, 3 stitches in one leg, 5 in the other. When they were taking him back, he was so nervous. It almost made me cry when he leaned his head into my leg to hide. He was back to his old self when I came to get him though, almost ripping my arm out of the socket to go after a cat who was roaming free in the waiting room. They are used to Fenton there, so the girl working the desk just said "Oh Fenton, you know Tigger doesn't like you!" while the cat hissed and I threw all of my body weight (roughly equal to Fenton's) into trying to get him off the cat.

Today we are a little out of sorts here at the ranch. I'm nursing a migraine and earlier Fenton threw up a bunch of grass. Immediately after, he trotted off into the pasture to chase something. Bluebirds, I think. He'll probably live, don't you think? Now everyone is sleeping on the porch, which I feel a little sorry about, since what they should really be doing is going for a nice long walk. That's going to have to wait until a little later in the day though, after the second Immitrex kicks in.

Even with all this, it's so nice here. Hope it's nice where you are too.


Tonya said...

is it wrong for me to be happy you are back at the ranch? i love that damn ranch.

Heather said...

No, it's not wrong, it's so right. Everyone loves the ranch!

Susan said...

I'm proud of you! Blood, and no talk of passing out!

Miss you here...