Thursday, June 21, 2007

Nice Ranch Photo For You


chimayo bound said...

Wow, what an awesome photo!

I have only one question--what is it that draws you and Pam to the east coast?

I'm sure there are many things back east that are very appealing . . . there might even be a landscape or two that tugs at the heart.

But this--the expansive horizon, truncated by mountains; the glimmering grass; the evanescent sky . . .

Oh, my! This must be why we live in the west.


Heather said...

Well, in this most recent case, it was the Tony Award Winning play, Coast of Utopia, which was SOOO worth the trip. But really, the part of the east coast that I'm drawn to is NYC, and what draws me there is that it's the best human zoo there is! And my favorite animal to visit is the wild Allison.