Monday, June 25, 2007

No, I have not deserted you

I would make this one of the seven things -
but you already knew that we went to the Star Trek Convention - right?

Oh, crikey - look how many lovely posts you've put up! And look how awful I've been about responding in kind.

I think we can blame it on Eugene... and work... and my inability to acknowledge that we actually have web access in Vermont now. I'm still a bit in denial about that last one, really.

Any hoo, I am not quite ready to address your meme, unless I do it in the shallowest, most superficial way possible.

Oh wait, that works for me!

Hmmm, seven things that our viewers may not know about me... that's tough, as I am not very mysterious... but I will try.

1) I love video games.

Scratch that.

I love bloody violent video games where I get to eviscerate every creature in sight and send blood and guts spewing and jump all over the place.

It's cathartic.

2) I am fascinated by royalty. I blame Mom and her waking us up to watch the wedding of Charles and Diana. I was impressionable!

Now if only I weren't too old for those yummy Windsor boys. Harry's a redhead even! Grrr.....

Oh right, and I'm married.

3) I never throw rubber bands out. Or the forks and spoons that come with delivery food. Or all those packets of soy sauce and duck sauce.

Basically, I should just let the delivery restaurants know that we are fully stocked and don't need anymore. A moratorium on duck sauce delivery! Huzzah!

4) I believe that I have psychic phone sense. I can almost always guess who it is before I pick up the phone.

Amazing, no?

Oh, and I don't mean the cell phone... where I have caller ID

5) The three sites that I cannot function without visiting are:, and

I needs me some gossip, some trashy photos and then a touch of class from the Gray Lady, to make me feel better about myself.

Which is the same reason why I read The NewYorker on the subway, really.

6) It is virtually impossible for me to go to sleep before midnight. Usually because I am watching some crappy television or playing a video game.

And even when I go to bed I have to read for a half hour before I fall asleep.

I think this is a bizarre family trait from Mom. But I refuse to give up my E! or the SciFi channel.

I mean, you can tell from the photo above how dedicated I am to the SciFi Channel.

7) I have no idea what the last movie that I saw in a theater was. I virtually never go to movie theaters. Partially because of time constraints and partially because I get too aggravated with people talking during movies.

In the same way that I can't take cabs, because I get too aggravated by the driving.

Wow - there is nothing particularly insightful of soul searching on that list, but that wasn't a particular requirement was it?

Love you!


Heather said...

Well done! It made me laugh. I didn't know you had such a thing for redheads. And I'm not sure you can blame the royalty thing on mom, since I didn't get it... oh, wait, I forgot. Charlotte Casiraghi is the prettiest girl ever! Mad about horses! She owns an island!

Heather said...

She speaks 3.5 languages!!

Anonymous said...

Okay,I take the "blame" for the entire NYC thing, the Royalty thing, the horse thing, and "things" you haven't even mentioned yet. But the Scifi thing and redheads, no way!