Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Obligatory Paris Hilton Post

Mummy, when I get out of Prison do you think that you could get out of the car to hug me hallo?

Just a thought.


Heather said...

Hey sweet! Looks like I don't have to go at all!

Anonymous said...

Honeylamb, I'd get out of the car to hug you even without the prison thing! That's just the kind of mama I am. Mrs Mama here has the same expression you imortalized at my 50th birthday party. Remember? I am always incandescent with happiness to see my girls. Mrs H has nothin' on me in that department! I do hope Ms Paris will do better now that she knows better. I am glad I'm not her mama even with all that $$$$$$$$$$!

Kristin said...

THANK YOU. I'm glad someone got this photo. Oh, she's home she's home!!! Where she belongs! I'm so relieved. Now, out of that prison grey Paris. Don't you know that the color grey signifies a denial of self?

Remember Heather, the color wisdom of Wild Things' Toby? My personal fashion guru from Santa Fe?