Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ranch Morning

Usually, the mornings around here go something like this - I wake up, get my stovetop espresso maker going, a little milk in a pan heating, and then wander outside with a bowl of puppy food. He gets pretty excited to see me in the morning, and spends just as much time chewing on me as he does with his nose in the bowl. The result is that my pajamas are always covered with kibble crumbs. Then I go back inside and have my hot beverage (that could have been one of my seven things - no matter how warm it is, I still like hot beverages) and maybe do a little tidying or read for a while or do some computery things. Sometimes even a little writing. A little.

That's pretty much how this morning went, but the funny part was that I kept hearing this "squeak squeak squeak!" outside, and seeing a little grey head bouncing back and forth between windows. Lovable Irresistable Adorable Me, aka Liam, has a little toy corral under the tree out there, and this morning he was running back and forth with different squeaky toys.

And that's the morning report. I promise some non-puppy related photos later.

"You couldn't possibly be tired of photos of me, though, right?"


Barb said...

I am so in love with this puppy. Thanks for spreading the joy and love, Heather.

Dakota said...

ooo, ooo, ooo, was that a reference to MY Liam?...If so, he is very honored. I assume you are referring to his episode with the tennis ball and the martini glass hat (aka elizabethan collar)...when he scooped up the ball with the edge of the collar and FLUNG it skyward, only to catch it again on the way down?! OR where you thinking of the time at the cabin when he took his bumper upstream, dropped it, and then ran downstream to 'fetch' it?! Isn't he WUNderful?