Monday, June 18, 2007

See How Relaxed I Am?

So, obviously, I am missing Eugene terribly. Coming home to Seattle was a great distraction... but here I am now all by myself every night! The nerve of him to leave me all alone while he galivanted off to India for two weeks.

It's sappy, but true, that I can't wait for him to get back.

In the meantime, I decided to go out this weekend.

Since the alternative was to sit at home moping by myself and getting exponentially more annoyed with our noisy neighbors (something I am normally not subjected to since we go to Vermont most weekends) this seemed like a good alternative.

Wow. I really wish you'd been there, because you would have been loving it.

I got to go to new restaurants and bars and out dancing and I owe it all to dear Patty. Thanks Patty! You're a peach!

Mom - it was just like Sex and the City. Except nobody picked up any guys. And nobody drank any cosmopolitans. And nobody wore an outfit like this:

Okay, maybe Patty did. She's got flare, I tell you! Just check out her website.

I'll admit that I did feel a bit like the mutton amongst the sheep, but I think I held my own.

I returned to virtuosity on Sunday (sounds like a good book title - The Return to Virtuosity) and rested quietly at home - eating hard boiled eggs, drinking green tea and watching truly trashy television. (Katie and Peter anyone?).

I also went to Pilates and visited HK and Thor and their new (quite adorable) baby Ada, so my weekend wasn't entirely a bacchanalia.

It was pretty relaxing though.


Heather said...

I think we are living exactly opposite lives at the moment! I wish I could do both at once, all the time!

barnaclebarnes said...

I know all about those Sex in the City Seattle Weekends! (just without the sex part...)