Monday, July 23, 2007

Dang, Another Crazy Dream

So, this dream starts out innocently enough.

Eugene and I are at the christening of the child of one of Eugene's cousins.

It's one of the cousins-by-marriage who happens to look quite a lot like Heath Ledger.

Yes, he really does. And so does his brother. It's uncanny.

Anyhoo, in this dream, we're enjoying this very elaborate event when he pulls me aside and reveals that he is, in fact, a high-end grifter and he's wondering if I would like to be in on his next caper.

I am, of course, intrigued. I sign on immediately. Ahh, my larcenous heart.

As part of the training for the con, I have to go to this fabulous resort town in Europe. It seemed quite Swiss, though I have never been to Switzerland - so I couldn't say for sure. There were lots of beautiful old european-looking buildings, cobblestone streets, and it was quite hilly.

He had a team of beauteous females working with him so, naturally, there was lots of great shopping and I got a whole new wardrobe. Funny how fashion figures so prominently in my dreams, no?

So after the shopping, we go back to the lair and get down to business... and this is where things get kind of weird.

For my part of the con, I need to befriend a giant sea turtle.

They have this very high-tech pool where the sea turtle is in captivity. I am given a device that disguises me as a sea turtle. I dive in and start communing with the other sea turtle. When he/she seems to trust me, I turn the device off and reveal myself as a human.

And then I woke up.

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Heather said...

I think this has all the elements Kristin looks for in a dream - fab costumes, foreign countries, celeb look-alikes, larceny and sea turtles. Is that right? Kristin? Bonjour?