Monday, July 23, 2007

You Know More Earth Wind and Fire Songs Than You Think

This is pretty much what we were looking at all weekend here. Grey skies. The nice thing about that was that I didn't have to feel at all bad about staying in bed writing all day, or about going to see the Edith Piaf biopic before the sun went down.

In the end, I had some questions about "La Vie En Rose". I found myself wondering, if you didn't already love Edith Piaf, would you get what the big deal was after seeing the movie? Steven and I went to see it together, and he couldn't tell me, since she reminds him of Paris, and Paris reminds him of cheese and he loves cheese. And Paris. And Edith Piaf.

What we agreed on for sure, though, was that Marion Cotillard's performance was astonishingly good. After the movie, we spent about an hour googling stuff about the Little Sparrow and when we saw the photos of what Marion looks like ordinarily, and how completely she was transformed in the movie, we were astounded. Definitely worth seeing for her performance, and the knitwear. Oh, the knitwear. Sigh!

Are you wondering what all this had to do with Earth, Wind and Fire? Nothing. Except the rain, that was the thing every event had in common this weekend. Rain, or the threat of. Tonight I went to immerse myself in the Boogie Wonderland of EWF in spite of that, with Kirsten and her best girlfriends from college. Someone we used to work with recently said of Kirsten, "yeah, she was like a sorority girl, but a sorority girl who could kick your ass".

These ladies are blackbelts. Consider yourself warned.

Which makes sense, because my girlfriends do kick ass. Are you getting tired of hearing about this yet? I'm getting famous for the high quality of my girlfriends. After Friday night at Sambar, Jay sent me a text message that said simply "Some trio." No doubt.

We look nice, but we are naughty. Regan, me and Kirstin.

In fact, last week, this endless raving I do about my girlfriends even resulted in a bullet point on the Capitol Hill Seattle blog. Girl crushes, indeed.

Anyway, all the girl time this weekend got me thinking... after my little poker adventure a few weeks ago, I've been wanting to play again. See, I have this cute little pinstripe vest, and... no, really, anyway,the point is, my latest fantasy project is now.... Ladies Poker Night! How good would that be?

I think it's going to involve hats and fake mustaches. And polaroids.

What do you think, ladies, who's in?


KJS said...

Sorority girl? Living with 8 girls at one point was like living in a sorority, but we didn't have them at Western. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I did live next to the Karate church but who knew back then the mojo of the dojo would find me many years later.

tonya said...

just wanted to let you know that i move the blog. it's here now: