Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nobody here but us chickens


So, this weekend, my friend Tamara and her just-turned-four-years-old daughter, Sophie, are staying with us in Vermont.

Sophie is a fancy four year old. She likes pink things and sparkley things and books like Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy, which Eugene was pressed into reading to her last night. You can imagine how very comical that was. She likes puzzles and drawing and fish sticks and curly pasta, And Gogurts. And yogurt covered raisins. And talking. And Charlottes Web.

But mostly this weekend she has fallen in love with this horse.

Just a simple girl and her pony

It came from the antique (of junqtique, if you prefer) store across the street from the auction we went to. It has a long white flowing mane and tail and has proved to be a very wise investment on Tamara's part.... she was a bit dubious as to how long the love affair could last, but we're at 28 hours now and they are still going strong.

Sophie Kissy-face and her horse, Sharalee

We are about to leave to go to the swimming hole, but before we do, I wanted to share with you my biggest accomplishment of the weekend.

I finally made beer can chicken!

Dude, I got a can up my butt! Dude... so do I! It's getting kinda hot in here...

I know that you can hardly believe that, what with all the beer around here, but I had never made it before! Now I can say, without a doubt, that it is a superior way to roast a chicken. They came out moist and delicious.

And they are so very comical looking, no?

I would have posted all of this earlier, but our satellite internet decided to go all funky yesterday and only just now righted itself. Apologies.

Darn technology!

So now I say tooddle-dee-dee!

Before we leave, though, Sophie would like to leave you with a final thought:

Did you ever see a pig with a polka-dotted wig?

Deep, yo.


Dakota said...

cute ute ute!!!!!! i can't stand it how cute! i know she's a few years older , but I want Sopie to marry Joseph some day so I can be her Mama too! Oh, and very nice on the beer can chicken!

Anonymous said...

Great Scott, beer can chicken! As I've always said, "I've learned so much more from my daughters than they've learned from me!" Now I can cook moist and funny food. The sight of those "Dudes" made me laugh out loud!

Dakota said...

of course i meant SoPHie, but Sopie's cute too...maybe for a cat or fish