Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Guest Blogger Nurse Susan Tells You Why It's All Fun and Games Until You Turn 45

Scott Baio doesn't look as puffy here as I expected him to...

Ed. Note: Today's blog post, a review of the hit TV show "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" is brought to you by Susan. Enjoy!

Working title: Scott Baio plays John Cusack. OR Why this show is like Porn for women

This show is GREAT. I've watched something like 24 minutes of "Scott Baio is 45 and Single" on VH1 and I am hooked! This show is genius and Scott (24 minutes into it) could definitely use a hug. And really, you want to beat this guy down for being such a putz, for sure, but yay for editing, I still feel like giving the poor guy a hug.

In a nutshell: older, puffier Scott Baio wakes up one day and decides he needs professional help with regards to his fear of commitment. He has a hot, blonde girlfriend (and has dated an endless string of hot blondes: Pam Anderson, Nicolette Sheridan, Denise Richards - you get the picture) , but instead chooses a life coach and her rules. The first of which is to remain celibate. And the best part is: she makes him go see all his ex's and they get to say whatever they want and he sits and takes it!

Ladies? Do we DREAM about doing this very thing? I'm just sayin' I could line up the boys and have enough to say to fill up an obscene amount of time. I have a huge smile on my face just thinking about it. Don't we all just want a minute to say our piece?

And the best part of episode #1: Joanie DID love Chachi!!!!!


Allison said...

Dear Susan,

I don't want to burst your bubble... In fact I am quite sorry to be the one to have to tell you this... but Scott Baio's blond, Playboy centerfold girlfriend is like four months pregnant with his child.

It's all over the internet, honey.


p.s. I'll still watch the show though - heck, I watched 'Victoria beckham: Coming to America'! And loved it...

Susan said...

But Ali!

That's great, right? It worked! All the life-coaching worked...he ended up settling down and knocking up his lady.

A regular Cindarella story!