Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Some Things (okay, one thing) I'm Getting Better At

Chicken sausages aren't pretty. But they are tasty, at least the maple ones from Trader Joe's. And they are virtuous. I know you wouldn't think this at first, but please consider for a moment.

We're at the five month mark here with all this time off nonsense. Can you believe that? It feels like five times as long, and half that at the same time. You all know that most of that time has been spent traveling. To the Oregon Coast, Portland, the Bay Area, NYC, London, Edinburgh. NYC, NYC. Colorado. It's nice to be home now, though. Being home for these two weeks has been better because of all that traveling. I seem to be making progress in little increments. Getting boxes of books over to my storage space, getting rid of clothes I never wear. Shredding. Lots of shredding.

Anyway, I thought you would be happy to hear that I've been eating at home more. That was one of my goals from the very beginning. Here's what I eat:

- breakfast

That's pretty much it. Breakfast. For lunch. Sometimes dinner. Breakfast too. It's good. I like it. That's what I've accomplished in five months. Now I eat breakfast. For lunch. Sometimes dinner. Hee.

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