Saturday, July 14, 2007

Spoiled By Other People's Houses

This is an actual real corner of Dana's home, not a magazine photo

Maybe some of you know a little something about my home. It's a nice home, I think. Actually I've never lived anywhere I liked better. I've got all sorts of things I love here, oodles of books, both good settle-down-and-read books, and big glossy look-at-the-pretty-photos books. If you came over, I could find you a poem, or a short story, or the perfect song or make you a fine cup of tea. Or we could pick up some needles and yarn and I could teach you how to knit!

As long as the "nasty neat" comment has come up again, I might as well once again confess that one thing my apartment is NOT, is tidy. Actually, I've been avoiding my apartment a little because of it. This week I went to Dana's house, Jenn's house, Kirstin's house, and of course Susan's house. All of these people are tidier than I am. All of their homes are worthy of photo shoots and their own blog entries. But they are not nasty neat! Just tidy. I suspect that if I were to display superior tidiness it would be a sign of my superior mental health, and so the whole time I was walking through Dana's house (which I had never seen before), I was whimpering "What's WRONG with me!?" and mentally collapsing on the floor in a puddle of lament. I WANTED Dana's house. I love the other ladies' homes too, but Dana has a writer's home. She had an OFFICE! With a Poetry Emergency Kit! Big bookshelves! Fancy paper goods! Hamster stamps! And a pet chinchilla!

My new room!

Naturally, I was very pleased to see that she has a guest room all ready for me. See? Above? Isn't it lovely? I can't wait to move in. So soothing, with such good books on the nightstand. Books meant for me! I'm pretty sure. For a little vacation, maybe?

Dana, I promise I would make my bed in the morning. Honest! If I ever got out of it, that is...
Dana's Patented P.E.K.
It even has a magical glow!

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Anonymous said...

So when I saw the first photo, I thought, “Hey, that room looks a lot like mine,” before realizing it was my room. (I’m slow to catch on sometimes.)

My house is tidy. Moreso ~ it’s the physical manifestation of a pathologically organized mind. But, you will notice there is no crown molding in either of the rooms pictured. Of course, the lack of crown molding bothers me every single day, as it has for the past 2.5 years, but apparently it hasn’t yet bothered me enough to do anything about it.