Sunday, July 15, 2007

Smith with a Smith

So, if we were doing that "seven weird things about me" post again, I would have two new ones. One, I love all kinds of pickled things, and two, I love deviled eggs. I just think deviled eggs are a funny funny food, a food with a sense of humor, created by pill-popping housewives who couldn't be troubled to change out of their fluffy mules and peignoirs in order to go to the store when they had a perfectly good half-bottle of gin, some eggs, mayo and paprika all ready to be served to their girlfriends at 3PM. I actually really like the taste of them, and they seem to be pretty darn hard to do wrong, if you keep them simple. Having said all that, I pretty much expect everyone else in the world to think they are disgusting.

Lucky for me, the people at Smith, one of the new Capitol Hill bars on 15th (brought to you by Linda of Linda's fame), if they do think deviled eggs are disgusting, are still willing to serve them to their customers. Also lucky for me, my former partner in crime from SGEN, Kirsten, was willing to overlook the fact that I was eating deviled eggs and pickled vegetables as though that was a normal thing to have for dinner. How I love her! She showed up all sunny and blonde and summery. I knew when we worked together that seeing her every day was going to be one of those things that I looked back on and saw as an extreme privilege, and I feel the same way still. Whenever I see her, my little soul rejoices and you can hardly shut me up.

Since she is a much more reasonable person than I, she ate a much more reasonable snack - sweet potato fries that came wrapped in a paper cone set inside a ball jar. You know I go for that kind of thing. Ooh, and they had Devils on Horseback too! I thought that would be a bit much though, so I restrained myself. Next time.

The only sad bit about Smith was that all the taxidermy on the walls and the whole hunting lodge thing it's got going on reminded me of Freeman's. And Smith is certainly a good Seattle bar, but... well, you know where I'm going with this, don't you? I miss Freeman's. But not as much as I miss seeing Kirsten every day, and not as much as I miss you, Ali!

Cute Ali at cute Freeman's, NYC

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