Thursday, July 26, 2007

Ten things that made me happy this week...

Someone in here cared about me.

1) I lost my wallet.

Or, I should say, I lost my wallet at the Dunkin' Donuts in Brattleboro VT, where some kind soul found it and then gave it to the Bratteboro Police, who then called me at work to let me know that they had it and then offered to mail it back to me.

So the fact that there are nice people in Vermont is what made me happy, I guess.

2) The New Yorker. What a great issue! That piece on antique shopping cracked me up! And the piece on prosthetics is so interesting!

3) The Transformers movie. What. Great. Cheese. I love me some Optimus Prime. You can't possibly be surprised by this, can you?

4) That this is our third week in a row making it to the gym TWICE! That's right, two mornings. Six times in two weeks! We are on a roll people! Just in time for bikini season to be over!

5) Dana. Visiting from Canada at the last minute. Always a nice surprise. That she is happy and in luuuuuuv. Yay!

6) That Dakota loves The Time Traveler's Wife as much as I did. Of course, Dakota always makes me happy, but even more so when there is more proof that we are so very simpatico.

7) French Organic Mint Tea

8) Decaf iced coffee

9) The gold bangles Eugene brought me from India. I know that I've had them a couple of weeks, but still they make me happy.

10) Sour cherry juice is back in the stores. Woohoo! I'm stocking up!

Okay, ten totally inane things but, nonetheless, they made me happy.

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