Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Well That's Funny, Because...

... this is what I was doing on Monday night. Poker night! I did not, however, do "quite well". In fact, I won only a single small hand. As I said to our lovely hostess - "I'm not used to being stupid." Don't laugh! I'm not.

It really was a fun night though. We sat outside on a nice deck under the stars and I played poorly because everyone was too interesting. Jeth was funny, he folded frequently on principal and pretended not to know a lot about poker, so that I would feel more comfortable. That's right, isn't it Jeth? The gentleman to my left, who didn't pretend at all not to know poker, called me "honey bunny" all night and I drank my first gin and tonic of the summer while admiring Snax, the silkiest long-haired dachsund in the world. Afterwards I thought "I should have taken a photo of the dog..." because surely you are missing dog photos on the blog, right? I am. Dogs just add a certain sweetness and steadiness to things. At least the kind of dogs I know.

Our host made a nice comment which I agreed with completely, though I don't think I can restate it here as elegantly as he did at the time. He said that the best times with friends are the times when you are doing something together that still allows you to talk. Isn't that so true? I love games and cooking together is good, and so is swimming or flying a kite or taking the dogs for a walk or anything along those lines.

Anyway, in case any of you want to invite me over for poker some night, I highly recommend it. I'm guaranteed to show up with a bottle of wine and some chocolate and to lose every last cent of Jethro's money.


Kristin said...

Snax? Was the name of the dachsund? Like you could just pop the daschsund in your mouth?

I go back to sleep now honey bunny...

Wait a minute, you brought wine to a poker game?

Heather said...

Hey! I asked what I should bring and was told a bottle of wine would be nice... this was the poker game where the host asked me if I wanted a "snack" not to be confused with Snax, and then brought me a gorgeous bowl of angel hair pasta with some fantastic sauce involving goat cheese and maybe some prosciutto or some other ingredients much more elegant than the typical poker game fare. So delicious.

We did eat some beef jerky, but it was really fancy beef jerky.

Kristin said...

I think you could write a great dirty limerick using the raw material of this post.

Daschund named Snax? Fancy beef jerky? Honey bunny?

I'll leave you to that.

Actually, I challenge you, any of you, to write it.