Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Las Vegas Here We Come!

No, not really... I'm just here to tell you about another crazy dream I had.

In my dream, You and I are meeting up in Las Vegas with Mom, Joyce and - of course - Dakota. We are staying at a fabulously luxurious hotel with gorgeous, giant rooms and a casino (natch - I mean it is LV) downstairs.

For some reason I am wearing a sparkly jacket with a funky nehru collar and black trousers. V. Madame Chiang Kai-Shek, no? I am gambling at the roulette wheel and doing quite well.

Soon, though, the real reason for our visit to Las Vegas becomes apparent. We are there to help restore a giant Scientology monument that overlooks the city. It looks not unlike Machu Pichu. Go figure.

As we are up on the hillside we are replacing stones and cleaning up weeds and debris. (I have changed from the Nehru jacket to a chambray shirt, khakis and a straw hat - an equally unlikely outfit I think.) I happen to look out over the city and notice the Stratosphere tower.

As I watch, the tower begins to sway back and forth and eventually cracks and collapses onto the surrounding area. My immediate thought is 'I bet hotel prices will finally get cheaper.'

The end.

Cah-ray-zeee! No?

I should mention that I have been eating a lot of lamb gyros from the street vendors outside my building, and lamb always gives me crazy dreams. Mmmmmmm laaaammmmmb...

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Kristin said...

Wowee, great dream. Usually other people's dreams are just boring boring boring, but I actually wish that was mine. You've got fashion, architecture, religion, games and community service. (replacing stones? hilarious! How helpful! Once in Las Vegas I saw a man painting a fake stone wall stone colored. Reminded me of Alice in Wonderland)
It's two in the morning here? I have dream envy.