Sunday, July 08, 2007

This Is Definitely Not the Best Photo I Could Have Used

Oh damn, I've abandoned the blog. I didn't mean to. In fact, I currently travel with 2.5 cameras on my person at all times, have been collecting entertaining anecdotes and quotes (like Regan saying "This is like the fake boobs of grass" on the suspiciously green and lush lawn at the Wildhorse campgrounds at the Gorge on 4th of July, or really, nearly everything she said last night at her bachelorette party) and and have been buying books about ten times as fast as I can read and report on them for you.

Here, when I was sitting at the coffee shop this evening, I made a list for you, of a bunch of stuff I've done since I got back from the ranch. It's Sunday, I got back late at night on Monday, so we're at the one week mark, which is an appropriate place for inventory, right? Here it is, in no particular order at all:

  • Willie Nelson 4th of July picnic at the Gorge (love love love, deserves its own blog post for sure)
  • field trip to Roslyn, where we sat in a cafe drinking iced coffee, eating a BLT and panini, and reading Steinbeck's "Travels with Charley", which I adore, and the paper
  • outing to Columbia City with Jenn, fantastic pastries at the Columbia City bakery (pretzel dog! profiteroles!)
  • haircut at the fancy salon where... no, I'm not going to tell that story
  • Sambar with Susan, where Jay surprised me with a drink that included habanero vodka
  • drinks with Darren, Stacey, Jay & Jason
  • after-drink drinks with Jason and Jay, who said "well, it's not like I'm a professional go-outer, like you" when we discussed his command of the parking situation in Ballard
  • saw "Ratatouille" with Elvis, who made me a tasty pork chop dinner afterwards - liked the movie but rats are still not cute. Sorry.
  • Ballard Farmers Market and coffee at the new Old Ballard Fiore, with Jay of Sambar fame. Apparently when you are with Jay, food and tasty things gravitate to you of their own free will. People never bring raspberries and sweat peas to my table when I'm there alone. If any of you want to start, that would be okay.
  • very delightful trip to Elliott Bay Books where I bought the James Galvin book, and the new Annie Dillard novel and had a nice bite to eat
  • pedicures with Susan
  • went to Regan and Pete's wedding shower, at Joy Rogers house. Remember how when we were in middle school, mom used to take us to the Rogers' house, and thought that we would play with the Rogers boys, just because we were roughly the same age, and then we would go to Wedgewood pool and they would totally ignore us because we were not cool?
  • Regan's bachelorette party, which I really need to save for another post.

... and I know there's more but I have to run off again, because I have more to add to the list! I'm meeting Dakota at the Hen for some two-stepping. Bring on the Cowboy Cha-Cha and Jimmy Buffett! Yeah!

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Kristin said...

Watch out Seattle, my parents are coming! They are bringing Wyatt and planning to stay in a Capital Heights B&B. Heather? Lay low. Wear a hat. Carry an umbrella bigger than yourself. Hide out. Don't leave the coffeeshop. That's my advice.