Monday, August 20, 2007

Garden Variety Update

I had a riding lesson last week, first time in a while. I love this photo of Fiasco with the sun behind him. He kind-of looks like a redhead with all those freckles, doesn't he? It was great to get back to this, catch up with my fantastic riding instructor Nichole and he cute daughter Sophia. Besides, I've got some bikinis to wear.

This is going to be a busy week for me here, and while the rain is okay for today, I am really hoping things will brighten up for Wilco at Marymoor Park tomorrow. Good thing I have a clear umbrella! After Marymoor, it's off the the Edgefield in Oregon for a second Wilco show, a morning in Portland (can't wait for breakfast at Tin Shed!) and then on to Whidbey Island for Regan and Pete's wedding. I'm pretty excited about that, she was our hot bachelorette, remember?

Okay, back to the short story writing. That trip to Creede is really sneaking up on me!


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