Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Who Wants a Mixed Tape?

Wait til you see my real photos for this show, I fell in love with Jeff Tweedy and took a trillion

So, appropriately and officially, this is our 500th post here. Can you believe that? I'm pretty blown away by it, and maybe it's silly, but happy. After the Wilco show at Marymoor tonight, Elvis and I took a long walk around, waiting for the traffic to thin out. We walked through the dark trees with all the weird lights from the fields shining through them and talked about Regan and Nelly's wedding, about the amazing religious experience of a show we had just seen, and about how my writing has become a stronger and stronger habit for me. I have both my writing group and this blog to thank for that, and I am so so grateful for both.

So, in order to celebrate, all you folks who leave us a comment on this post are getting a CD in the mail. I'm not saying it's going to include Wilco, but you know, it just might. I gotta tell you though, no matter who you are, you really do want to go out and buy Sky Blue Sky. I promise.


P.S. Way more Wilco to come, including my poetic musings on the shows, after I return from their Oregon show and Regan & Pete's wedding. See you Monday!


Stephanie said...

Congratulations on getting to 500! I'm so interested in reading your fiction whenever it's available to the public -- I love your perspective and voice on the blog.

Unknown said...

What is the appropriate gift for a 500th post? The interwebs is quiet on the matter. I think it might be "calculator" or perhaps "tape" - but I dunno for sure. But! Congratulations! It's a feat not unlike running some sort of creativity-fuel marathon. I bow down to you.

And, yes, I still like you. Wilco could totally kick Arcade Fire's ass - even through they would be out numbered like 3 guys to 1.

DragonStyle said...

I went with some friends and we hung out on a blanket on the little berm in the back. What a great show!

Anonymous said...

I do, I do!!!! You don't even have to mail mine - I'll get it when I see you in CO. See, this is how to get people to comment. Offer schwag!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the obth of yous! I and my favorite friends, you know who you are, love the blog and the insights you give us into your worlds!

LadyGripe said...

Wait, do I get a CD? I want a CD!