Wednesday, August 29, 2007

I wanna do the 'du! Don't you?

Olivia is such a pretty pony with her hair all flow-y

A place where nobody dared to go
The love that we came to know
They call it Xanadu

And now, open your eyes and see
What we have made is real
We are in Xanadu

Oh my darling, it's true - Xanadu has come to Broadway. And I am going to go see it! And there will be rollerskates and legwarmers and glitter and aqua and pink and purple chiffon and I will be happy.

Truly happy.

For weeks I have been dying to go. Dying I tell you!

Just thinking about it makes my heart race a little bit. In fact I am listening to the theme song on the official Xanadu website and it is making my head and my toes bop - even though it is the fourth time in a row that I am hearing it.

I loved that movie SO MUCH! why don't I own the DVD? I don't know and, in fact, will look for it tomorrow.

It has gotten wonderful reviews - well wonderful in the history of Xanadu, the musical. Allow me to quote The New Yorker:

In its wildness and ecstasy, “Xanadu” is a welcome relief from the synthetic creations that some Broadway producers have been peddling for years. Here you can’t count the disco balls fast enough—not to mention the roller skates, the frosted-pink lips, and the glittering spandex
And the New York Times called it: Heaven on Wheels, and in Leg Warmers.

Does it get better than that?

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