Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mummy, I have invasive parasites!

Oooohhh lookie lookie! It's my insides!

No, not really. I'm just pregnant.*

With twins.

And as Britney would say - I'm all exhaustipated.

Today we are nine weeks along - yay! And we have seen them and their furiously beating little hearts twice.

You may have noticed that I have been the less-than-active blogger of late, and my only excuse is that when you don't yet feel comfortable writing about The Biggest Thing Happening In Your Life (and you're also lying to your Mom, Dad, sister, and friends) it's a little challenging to think of anything to blog about.

Ah well, the babies are out of the bag now!

This is pretty much the most exciting thing to happen to me. Ever.

It makes that Star Trek convention with Jean Luc Picard - err I mean Patrick Stewart - pale by comparison. We've been 'trying' for what seems like forever and now, with the help of some drugs and some pretty awesome doctors, we have not one but two little surprises on the way!

Not to say that the 'practicing' didn't have it's moments. Heh-heh. Wink, wink.

To answer some obvious questions:

They are identical (sorry to disappoint you Heather, but Mary-Kate and Ashley are fraternal) and they are due sometime in late February/early March.

We do not plan to name them after the Weasley twins in Harry Potter (though methinks Hagrid or Hermione a fine name - hee!) or to dress them identically. And we will be trying to avoid finding out what sex they are - there are so very few real surprises in this life, no?

Right now there isn't much for me to do but sleep, drink a ton of water (one gallon a DAY! Do you know how much peeing I do? It's a wonder that I do anything else) and choke down as many calories as possible.

I am blessedly free of the morning sickness (knock on wood), though I will admit that I just don't feel all that excited about eating - except the bacon, egg and cheese sandwiches and vanilla milkshakes that I've been consuming daily.

Mmmmm bacon.

And around three o'clock daily my brain just sort of clicks off. See? There it goes. Click!

Must get to bed.

The twins need their rest!

* This is not really how I am informing my family that I am pregnant. It is only a dramatic re-enactment.


Stephanie said...

Congratulations! That's FABULOUS.

barnaclebarnes said...

That's some excuse to not coming to New Zealand for our wedding!

Congrats that is so cool!


Heather said...

I love them already! The little beans...

Anonymous said...

Mazal Tov, I feel like a virtual grandfather- uh, uncle.


Dakota said...

EEEeeeeee Heee Heeee Heeeee! (I can only make sounds, no words.) Yipppeeee!!!!
Josey can't wait to grab and kiss them as soon as they are old enought to be grabbed and kissed!

And....OH you are so right, it is the MOST exciting thing EVER!!!

Unknown said...

I am at Em's waiting for her little parasite to emerge and we are SO excited for you. It's super wonderful news. Congrats on a job well done. I know it was work to get this far, but worth it, not to mention the fun along the way.

SoulPony said...

Congratulations! You will only feel better when you can hold those little dolls. It's a tiring thing carrying one & you got two. shoooooo!

Chez said...

Hi You dont know me & I hope you read this. I was in the internet checking a blog from a friend and I decided to click next and there was your blog. And I was amaized by it, the stories the pics.
I'm form argentina I'm 23 and congrats on your pregnancy
Jesica (everyone call me Chez)

Susan said...

Oh, Ali, how great.

Makes me cry just a bit from happiness.

Big hug to you.

K said...

Oh my god.

Okay, first of all I got two words for you:

Sausage McMuffin.

Nuff said.

The Second word is: Hoooray!!!!!