Monday, August 13, 2007

Why Do I Keep Doing This?

At the park reading my Barista Book Club book, another way of sharing the things I love in the world

... going to fantastic things without telling you all first, and then wishing I had invited more people, that is? Last night, as I listened to the Starlings and then Shannon McNally (god, she was good, just her and her guitar... I need to write up a little thing on her some time) at the Tractor, I looked around the almost empty room and started to have this fantasy about how we should all, all the time, be telling each other about things we love, bringing each other along for those things. I do some of that already, but I want more, and I think you, Allison , and you, dear blog reader, should tell me about something you loved recently, or take me somewhere, comment or call or email, show me something, love the world and share it!

Evan did this the other night, and I told him how much I appreciated it, but I'm not sure he really got how seriously happy I was that he called me just to tell me about something he loved. In this case, it was the movie "Stardust". He sounded so excited, all laughing and happy. He said "Seriously, it was so good, promise me you will just grab someone and go. It's right up there with Labyrinth and The Princess Bride!" and I think that right there tells you a lot about why I think that boy is just so adorable.

Elvis does this a lot too, I saw him yesterday and he had a bunch of articles for me, one about the Traveling Poetry Librarian who was at Richard Hugo House last week (I am now a member, thank you very much, and read some nice poems as a result), and then one for Brian about Rudy Guiliani, from Harpers, because we were talking about it at the Hugo House Life During Wartime event. He also had the Weeds Season 2 soundtrack that he had cobbled together for me. Again, see why I love him?

And Susan, too, she called to say she had just bought a book by Jennifer S. Davis, which Pam had a blurb on, and then today she told me how good the new Queen Anne Tribunali is. Not to mention she turned me on to Scott Baio is 45 and Single. Just kidding!

Anyway, so, yeah, my contributions, things I love and want to tell you about... Shannon McNally, who's next album was done with the guys from North Mississippi All-Stars, can't wait to hear that when it comes out, and the Starlings, and Weeds, and ohmygod I can't believe how good my dinner was at Volterra on Saturday night! Wow, if they have that bing cherry chocolate dessert thing, make sure you order it with your dinner, that's right, have them set a piece aside for you because it was that good.

We went on the Boeing tour on Sunday, and that was a trip, in every sense. Look at all the rules! I felt so naked while we were there. I am now full of facts and figures, like did you know that the building they have there, the largest building in the world by volume, could hold 75 NFL football fields, and still have 12 acres left over? I was hoping that the tour would be so mind-blowingly weird and fun that I could recommend that all of you drive up to Everett, slap $15 on the counter, shove your stuff in a locker and check out what those wacky Boeing people are up to, but... well, it's just that the tour is a little short, and you're really far away from the planes, so it's hard for me to feel that I'm justified in trying to strong-arm you that way. Just don't get stoned in the parking lot because I think that guy in the black van with the antennas on top is like an FBI surveillance guy or something. Not that you would, anyway, but maybe you have, like, a rebellious cousin who might try to get himself in that kind of trouble.

Anyway. Now I'm off to the beach for three days, and I'm taking the computer so I can work on some writing, but I'm kind-of doubting there's going to be internet, so Allison, you are going to have to do your best to keep these people entertained. I know you can do it! Any weird food cravings? Funny nicknames for the twins? Weird superpowers that have come about as a result of pregnancy?

Have a good couple days. I can't wait to come back and hear about what you all love these days. That's your homework.


Barb said...

I'm SOOOOOOO jealous of your Shannon McNally experience. Love her, and the show you saw sounds really unique and special. Once again, I live vicarously through you! I'm sitting at home watching Fat March on ABC. Sad.

Lisa said...

Go see the Willie Cole exhibit at the Frye!

tonya said...

I refer you to this blog post . Also, you don't know him but he is fantastic, Shawn Camp, that's who I'm talkin' bout. Download Lost at Sea from Lucky Silver Dollar and that will be enough to get you started. He also has an album with Billy Burnett that is all Elvis songs called The Bluegrass Elvises. I will stop because there is a lot I love and that's good for now.

B said...

Did you notice my name in that Itinerant Librarian article? And the quote? "Sweet." I assure that was not a misquote.

A thing I love: Going to "First Class" with a bunch of pals. I told you about that beforehand though, and you went, so maybe it doesn't count.

Another thing I love: Season 3 of Weeds. It started on Monday. Did you see it!!?? You gotta see it. I love Lacey LaPlante and her milf weed.


Heather said...

Oh yay, I love all of the recommendations.

Brian - it counts triple if you told me in advance and I got to go!

And I love Lacey too. I'm coming over to your house to watch episode 2. Better change your address to unlisted now.