Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hmmm.. what do I love lately...

Yessirree, I did grow these very day lilies... my very own self!

Well, I loved last weekend when we went up to Vermont and I did exactly nothing!

All of my day lilies are planted and thriving, so I could just sit on the porch steps and admire them. They are pretty hearty flowers so they have gotten very little support from me, aside from the occasional dead-heading and lazy-arsed weeding.

I also loved the berry/banana/vanilla smoothies I made all weekend... and the fake beef stroganoff with pickles that I made Saturday night.

Oh, and I know this will be a shocking revelation, but we got The 300, and I really liked that too! Lots of manscaping and six pack abs abounding. Woohoo!

I loved the last Harry Potter book. I cried, yes I did! But that might have been the hormones...

Today, I loved the beautiful lunch I had at Insieme which made me thank the stars that I don't have morning sickness, because I managed to inhale three delicious courses... and half of everyone else's desserts. I have three stomaches to feed, but the twins aren't starving, in case anyone was concerned!

What don't I love? The headaches that have been plaguing me off and on - something to do with all the extra blood I'm generating... the exhaustion that hits from 3 pm until bedtime... the lack of glamorous maternity clothes in my life. Hello? Who is styling Nicole Ritchie? G'dang she has some cute dresses! I will no longer fit in my normal clothes quite soon.

But that brings me back to the thing I love the most right now, which is this belly that I am developing. It's pretty funny, and it makes me happy. Sometimes I even kind of stick it out so that it's even more obvious... and I find myself sort of absent-mindedly rubbing it.

My little Buddah belly, I love that the most.


Dakota said...

I WANT to see the Buddah Belly!!! C'mon...I posted mine on my blog!

Barb said...

A Pea in The Pod. Fabulous maternity clothes. But you gotta spend a little.

Congratulations, Allison. I feel I almost know you from reading this blog to catch up with Heather. I've got my own buddha belly (with its own blog) and I know just what you're saying. I'll be watching your journey and saying "Oh I remember that." I'm just a couple months ahead of you.