Friday, September 07, 2007

Ah, there is so very much of me to miss...

No, I am not sticking my tummy out.

I am getting larger by the day. It's actually kind of shocking when I catch a glimpse of myself or see a picture like this. I just think 'when did this happen?'

And then I try to imagine how huge I'm going to be when we get to like week 36. I mean, This is only week 13! At least now I look more pregnant than 'wow, Allison has really let herself go lately!' And I also seem to be growing forwards rather than, umm, backwards or sideways.

If you know what I mean.

Anyhoo, it's exhausting growing a gut like this, which is why I continue to be a lame poster. Plus, I'm not sure how interested anyone is in hearing about my journey into the land of the rotund. Napping and eating are a lot less exciting than, say, learning the oyster dance from one of the Gourds. Which I guarantee I could not do at this point anyways.

I've also been helping Dad assemble his portfolio, which has been really interesting. I always wanted to know where the buildings were that he has designed and what they look like and now I absolutely know all of his projects backwards and forwards!

In gratitude, he faxed me some of my early writing samples - which I thought appropriateto share since you are at a writing workshop. We'll just ignore the fact that I qualified these poems as 'Hycoo Poems. M'kay?


Red and fluffy, sweet
Soft petals, dewdrops, pretty
Beautiful, sweet smelling
- Roses

And another take on the same subject....

Castles of splendor
looming over the dewdrops
Silent and splendid

In case you were overly impressed by my early use of the strong visual imagery implied by 'looming', it seems to have been an ongoing theme...

Dark and hovering
Shadows dancing at night
looming nightfall lonely

Now, if you can just stop laughing for a moment, lets all say a prayer that my unborn children inherit better writing skills than I exhibited here. Though I would like to point out that everything was at least spelled properly.

Except Haiku, of course.

ps. If you get a chance, please watch 'Crazy Sexy Cancer' on TLC - one of Eugene's friends from growing up made the documentary and it is really really good. I think he may have had a crush on this girl and, darn it, after seeing the show I can't blame him.


Anonymous said...

You look beeeeeeeeauuuuuuuuuutyful!

Susan said...

Ali! You look amazing! Great! Ravishing!

Would I sound horribly cliche if I told you that you were glowing??

Well you are. So there.

Beautiful girl.


Heather said...

Agh! You are so cute you should go on Cute Overload! Both the belly and the haycoo.

I need to get out there, dammit!


Barb said...

Looking very cute, Allison. And I completely agree about Crazy Sexy Cancer. I just wish it were on again so i could recommend it to all my friends. It seems you and I are both preggo reality TV show addicts. When you're exhausted there's not much else to do but surf between Bravo and TLC. Congrats on making the second trimester!

K said...

You look so happy.

But let's talk about the poems. I LOVE them!

Night especially. I think it's how the word "night" appears three times. Not only in the title but in "at night" and "nightfall". The repetiion brings dimension - I think it's height - to the piece. Highkoo.


Dakota said...

YEEEEEEE AAAAAAAAAYYYYY! You are incredibly beautiful! What a pretty pretty bump. Thank you for we want one every week. :)

LadyGripe said...

Thanks everyone! I am so late in saying that, but I appreciate no one pointing out that, while cute, I'm frikkin' huge for somebody who's only 13-14 weeks along!

Just between us, I'm loving it though.