Friday, September 07, 2007

Do You Miss Me?

Yeah, I miss you. Today's hours spent on the road sort-of dragged on, in spite of the excellent company. There just isn't a lot you can do about the that stretch between Boise and Salt Lake City except power through. It's gonna get better now, though. We're in Green River Utah and will set out for Moab and breakfast around 9 tomorrow morning, then Durango for an afternoon meal.

I'm hoping none of the places we eat tomorrow will smell like a dog who fell into an aquarium. That's what the restaurant in Salt Lake smelled like once they turned on the AC. Luckily they turned it off almost immediately, once the girl who had "VEGAN" tattooed across her chest complained. It smelled better once the guy with the t-shirt that said "I support violent methods for animal liberation" left too. This is the adversity Katherine and I faced today, but we are sticking together, Katherine reading manuscripts to me from the passenger seat and feeding me carrot sticks. We listened to a CD of the Best American Short Stories of the Century, Sherwood Anderson, Katherine Anne Porter, F Scott Fitzgerald. Good stuff, but the Katherine Anne Porter story, "Theft" took the prize for us. There is one devastatingly beautiful passage about loss, and some great dialogue as well. Check it out some time.

Can't wait to see Durango and the ranch tomorrow. I'm thinking we should listen to The Best Girlfriend You Never Had, which is the last story on the CD, during the trip over Wolf Creek pass and the last miles to the ranch. I'm kinda corny that way.

Hope all you readers are happy out there. Road trips always make me think of all the people I know and love, and I swear Katherine and I have talked about each and every one of you at some point during the drive. Lovingly, believe me! Why would we waste such a happy time n anything else?


Barb said...

Thanks for bringing me along on the trip. I feel like I'm in the car with you. It makes a little less bearable that I won't be seeing you both tomorrow. Travel safe.

B said...

Definitely miss you, Heather, but not as much as I miss NY.

Hope you'll come by and see me when you're back in Seattle.


Anonymous said...

H-I think I used to work with the girl with the "VEGAN" tattoo...I had to fire her for being a total flake. Oh, I hope this is such a complete and strange coincidence...that would be so lovely and weird. I'll ask you about it next time I see ya...congrats Ali :)

Heather said...

Seriously? That would be so funny. Who are you, anonymous? We must talk.