Wednesday, September 05, 2007

This'll Be Just Fine

The Boise equivalent of Hotel Monaco

I'm sorry I left without saying goodbye. I didn't mean to. But the last bits of the first draft of the story for the writing workshop didn't come together until 8:30 this morning, and we were supposed to be on the road at 9, and well, you know I wasn't leaving without a latte for me, and beans for Pam.

So anyway, what all this means is that yes I did get on the road, after taking a detour to the FedEx down on Alaska Way S, where Portland's White Eagle Hotel had so very kindly shipped the big fat book of CDs I left there over that Wilco weekend. They arrived just in time.

Katherine is with me, and I can't tell you how much quicker that made the drive seem. She knows almost all my secrets now, so I sure hope she still likes me at the end of the drive. We talked non-stop for the first five hours of the trip, so the CDs sat neglected in their case anyway. She gets extra bonus points for the culinary delights she supplied us with - that wild rice salad was so much better than the corn nuts and red licorice I would have eaten had I been left to my own devices.

Just kidding, pumpkin seeds and dried mango are my road food of choice. But you probably knew that already, right?


K said...

sigh double sigh portland's white eagle... that means you had drinks at mint, that means you were just down the hill from my house and from mississippi studios and pizza and Gravy and all the new fun stuff...
and maybe little sue was playing, or james lowe or pete krebs or nancy hess.. at the very least one of you had a pint of hammerhead.


Have you been to halocene yet?

Heather said...

Oh, what is Halcene? I need to go back to Portland soon.

Sadly, no drink at Mint. It was too late by the time we arrived from the Wilco show. Plus, having had all our stuff stolen while we were having a drink at Mint a couple years ago, well, I still wasn't over it, I'll admit. I think I am now.

What's Gravy? Someone asked me the other day (based on who I know) if I also knew someone from Gravy or something. I was confused, but knew I didn't know that person. So Gravy must be Good. But I guess I should have known that. It's Gravy!

We did have breakfast at Tin Shed though. I love Tin Shed.