Monday, September 03, 2007

Maybe This Is Why Dialogue Is Not My Strong Suit

Gourds at the Tractor Tavern 9-2-07
Happy Birthday and thanks Dan and Earl!
Photo by Pete from Kozy Shack

Here's how a lot of conversations with me go:

Bill Frisell comes on stage with Wilco at Marymoor.
Elvis: Oh, we saw him at the Tractor!
Me: Sigh. I love the Tractor.

At the coffee shop with Kevin, of Widower fame.
Kevin: My band's playing the Tractor on October 3rd*.
Me: I love the Tractor!

With Pam at the Shannon McNally show.
Pam: Oh, we played here when I toured with the Nields.
Me: Oh, I love the Tractor.

Which is just about all I want to say this morning too, after last night's Gourds show. They were fantastic as always, those boys are true professionals who deliver every time. They killed at the Mural Amphitheater at Bumbershoot, you should have seen everyone dancing on the lawn to their wacked out mix-up of Gin and Juice. You know I was in heaven! And look at Kevin Russell, how nice does he look? I love his crinkly-eyed smile and all the silliness he brings to stage. Last night, he taught us to do a dance he calls The Oyster, and now I'm going to teach it to you. Ready?

Okay, first thing you do is you stand up. Are you standing? Kevin said that all you need to do this dance is a pair of shoes, so if you aren't wearing your shoes, just go put them on real quick.

Okay, now. Put the back of your heels together, touching, and then try to put your feet in a straight line, so it's like this, 8 is your toes, the >>> is one foot, and then ) is your heel.

8>>>) (<<<8

Now just try and stand there. Pretty soon you'll find that you are waving your arms and "dancing". Isn't that good? I thought so. Other things I thought were super good include meeting Pete (who took the photo above) for the first time and getting to take Camille and Erik, who were having an anniversary that very night. Camille got Erik the new Gourds album as an anniversary present, before she even knew that we were taking them as our plus ones. How perfect is that? Now I know relationships are never quite what they look like from the outside, but I have to tell you, from what I can tell, Pete & Carrie and Camille & Erik are two fine arguments for True Love. I hope there is never cause for me to be disabused of those notions. Carrie is in Taiwan right now, and you should have seen how Pete's eyes lit up when he told me that he's going to go meet her there soon. "It's gonna' be good to see her," he said, and you just know that was the understatement of the night. So, I was sorry I didn't get to meet Carrie (or Rabbit, dogs not invited) at the show, but that gives me something to look forward to in life, right? I'm liking the new Gourds album so far, even though I am completely serious when I tell you that the first time I heard one of the songs, I actually cried. How often does that happen? But that Kevin, he just gets to me. I hope that song is fiction, cause I would hate to see such a seemingly nice man suffer like that. I'll just let you figure out for yourself which song I'm talking about. I don't think it'll be hard.

Which reminds me, those CDs are almost done, and on their way to you commenting folks. I am loving this mix, and I hope Katherine does too, because I'm sure I'll make her listen to it a time or two when we take off for Brighthound Crest on Wednesday morning. It's a pretty twangy mix, definitely inspired by Regan and Pete, and I left most of the mopey songs off it, and people, it is hard to make a non-mopey mix that is also twangy. The hardest thing to leave off was probably Laura Cantrell's outstanding The Whiskey Makes You Sweeter, and I suppose that's appropriate in more ways than we will talk about here. If you don't know what I'm talking about with all this CD making stuff, take a look here. One last chance to put your order in. Cause I love you. You know I do.

* I'm going, you should too.

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