Monday, October 01, 2007

Finally the Birthday Blog!

Shameless Self-Promoters, circa 1980

Dear dear Allison.

Okay, now that we are all done hailing the bump, it's my turn. I've been looking forward to saying Happy Birthday to you. It seems like one of those birthdays that will be, in spite of the random number (34, your secret's out) quite the milestone. Life pre and post twins!

But let me just tell you one thing - if you think that I'm going to let you leave behind your wild ways, well, you can forget about that. In fact, I predict that the twins will only make you more wild. I mean, it is going to take some work to keep those kids entertained, right, and you're going to have to impress them.

So, here are some things I'd suggest.

You could tell them about your days as a jazz singer, or your excellent performance as a ribbon girl for some very elite horse shows, about your modeling career, those days of being a barista in Seattle (that's rock-star-like, no?) about art school,your days at Marvel Comics, or Spin, or about that party where JLo or Prince or someone was there, or climbing in Mexico, or going to Europe with Dakota and Asa, or any of a million other things that I can't remember just now.

It's a funny thing, being someone's kid. The kinds of things I have listed above are the kinds of things they just won't know unless you tell them. So don't worry, I will tell them. I have notes, and I'm not afraid to use them. Not to mention photos, heh heh! I have to admit that I hope you have girls, if only so that I can utter the words- "Your mom won't let you what? Oh please... you should have seen when she..." though I'm sure I'll figure out what to say if the twins turn out to be boys. What would be the boy equivalent of wearing green eyeshadow up to your eyelid, anyway?

One thing I'm pretty sure about, though, is that I will never have to tell your twins any of the following about you:

- your mom is a big softie with a thoroughly generous heart
- your mom is hilariously funny
- your mom is tremendously, stubbornly loyal
- your mom is smart and creative and accomplished
- your mom is the most fun. Ever.

I'm not gonna have to tell them any of that, because all of it will always and every day be obvious to them.

Love you lots,


Barb said...

Your sister sounds very much like you Heather... a softie with a generous heart, funny and loyal and creative and smart and accomplished and fun. Thanks for continuing to bring joy to my life through cyberspace.

Allison said...

See, you made me all weepy!

I fear the day when you will school the twins on my exploits... but I am sure that you will umm show me a little pity?

I heart you!