Friday, October 12, 2007

A Public Service Announcement

It's been foggy in Seattle the last two days. Something that sounds like a foghorn keeps sounding off, and something that sounds like a ferry keeps answering back. That's how things are right now - me, feeling my way into some new kind of life, and the way it's all mysterious and hazy only makes it more gorgeous.

Still, this isn't the easiest time of the year. I'll admit, it is a bit of an adjustment for me to be at a desk for the better part of 40 hours a week. I get up and make myself a cup of tea more than I should, probably. Right now, I wake up to a sunset over the water, and when I walk home at night, it's still light, but I know the days are getting shorter, and Mack Strong is not coming back. The Pacific Northwest dark is hard on a lot of people I love, though mostly I seem to manage okay. I've been thinking a lot about why that is, exactly, what gets me through these days. So, just in case you find yourself in need of a little anti-depressant, try out one from my list of faves:

- walking to work
- Paris style macaron cookies from Whole Foods, three blocks from the new office
- Leonard Weaver aka The Bishop
- those days where everything seems to be the color of a pumpkin
- clear plastic umbrellas
- the Get Joey To Australia show, and the whole story behind it
- the new Rilo Kiley album
- getting a latte from Josie at Old Ballard Fiore on Sunday
- skee ball at Kings Hardware, with Evan if you can manage it
- that Maldives song where they do the clapping thing (check them out this Monday at the High Dive)
- ANTM (most effective when taken in a double dose, with Susan)
- the Hugo House Lit Series (check it out November 12th)
- something handknit by someone who loves you (email me if I owe you)
- text messaging
- fresh eggs from the Farmers Market
- music from Kozy Shack, good stuff like Gospel Aretha
- the arboretum
- rubber chickens
- Sunday night two-stepping at the Hen
- photo booth photos
- my License to Ill, made by Hx B
- emails from Dave with top 5 lists
- wondering what your sister is going to name her twins
- and of course, coffee from two of my favorite human anti-depressants, Bobby and Andy, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings at Caffe Fiore on Queen Anne

Just one of the many amusing sights on my walk to work

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Brian said...

I wanna be on this list too. Boo.