Monday, November 12, 2007

I Don't Always Know What I'm Doing Here

... and sometimes that's the best way to start a blog post. Mostly because those times, it's really the only way. Ordinarily, I have a general sense of what I'm going to write about, often I've even worked out some words, during a walk, or a long drive, so I know what the whole piece is going to rotate around. Other times, like tonight, I think, well damn, I liked that last post but that was two days ago, and let's at least give folks something new to look at, right? So we take a little tour through iphoto and there's a shot that isn't too attached to anything, not too loaded with meaning, or requiring explanation, really it's just a pile of leaves, a chain link fence, could be any of these fall days, so off we go into whatever blog post will coagulate in the little window where we write these.

I was just a little off all weekend, that's the truth. Strange things happened, like the power being off at Kingfish when we went for my birthday dinner. We ate fried chicken, mashed potatoes and greens by candlelight, and we were ready to move on to a giant slice of chocolate cake when the lights went on and everyone cheered. After all that time in the dark, having the dim lights on was the thing that seemed off.

There were other off things this weekend too, like how I didn't watch a second of football, and how I actually bought an ironing board. Furthermore, I bought things to clean my kitchen floor with. And in addition, I did laundry (though I have yet to fold one of the two loads) and there was a meal cooked in my kitchen tonight, after which all the dishes except the dessert plate were cleaned. My apartment was nice and cozy tonight, with Julie London playing and white Christmas lights on over the dinner table. It made me think of visitors and comfort and being happy to be home.

So, yeah, all a little off. Like how that chain-link fence looked surprisingly beautiful to me when I decided to photograph it. Off, but only in the nicest way.

Hope you had a good weekend!


Oh, AND! I think I rule because I got to level 47 on Free Rice. FORTY-SEVEN!!! I know some words, yo! As you would say, Ali.

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Allison said...

I only got to 39. I too tired.

And why so many words that mean goat-like??? Why?