Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Like REI, Only with... Ummm... Dead Animals

Look! It's a fake mountain of taxidermied animals in the background! Good times...

Oh I've been a bad blogger, a very bad blogger. There's a special place in h-e-double hockey sticks for bad bloggers like me.

But I know you won't send me there. I know that you know that I have a grillion stupid little reasons for not being a better blogger... and I will only bore everyone with the top five:
  1. I am ginormous (measuring 32 weeks today!) and get exhausted easily and only have three brain cells - one for me and one for each of the babies... that's my pregnancy excuse.
  2. I've been negotiating us into a contract to buy this apartment and then I had to spend many evenings collecting the 150 pages of financial documentation and fill out the 30+ page co-op application... that's my apartment #1 excuse.
  3. I've also been spending a significant amount of time, and mental energy (which I obviously don't have!) negotiating a buyout for our current apartment. I'm a graphic designer. We don't do financial negotiations. This has been like one of the levels of h-e-double hockey sticks for me already - perhaps punishment for the non-blogging? That's my apartment #2 excuse.
  4. I can't post from work because of our firewall... so frequently, when I actually have an idea, it evaporates before I can actually make it to a computer. That's my work excuse.
  5. I'm distracted by all the kicking going on in my abdomen right now. It's like Homer on The Simpsons: shiny! Shiny! Hmmm... I guess that's pregnancy excuse #2. Whoops.
Any hoo, aside from my excuses there's not much going on except my daily exponential growth, I mean I actually measure ten weeks larger than I am.

But you will note, as proven by the photo above, that I am still trying to keep things cute around here - even when attending the grand opening of a Cabelas hunting fishing and outfitting store.

I am wearing my very cute sweater from Isabella Oliver, which my wonderful sister got me - oh! That's you! And I have received many compliments on it!

It was a momentous day - and not just because of the sweater. Euge got to feel the babies kicking for the first time!

In Cabelas.

Which worries me a bit.

We also went to Cracker Barrel for brunch and I got blueberry pancakes, because that was what the kicking twins wanted. Needless to say, the entire morning to afternoon was an experience in observing just how very large and varied the asses of the great American public are.

Except mine, of course. But only because it was concealed by the sweater.

For the statistical pregnancy update... I am 22 weeks 4 days, but I do indeed measure 32 weeks. I have gained 29 pound, but my pants still fit so I am convinced that it's not in my ass and I refuse to hear otherwise. The babies each weigh about a pound now and are about ten inches long. They are both head down We still don't know the sex and won't if we can help it. Isn't it fun this not knowing?

We haven't yet purchased a single baby item yet, which is starting to seem perverse. I considered buying something at Cabelas, but they didn't have any infant items so, sadly, I could not. Boohoo - really.

And here is a final item for your amusement:

Euge is convinced that this is what's going on when the twins are kicking.
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