Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday in the city*

I know HK looks all casual in this photo, but her heart is actually about to explode with sqee-ing delight over how adorable Ada looks in her crazy knit onesie.

That's HK and Ada, sitting in the dining/living area of their awesome Washington Heights apartment. You should check out HK's Ada Today blog. I think it's cute as all get out.

They are taking pity on me today, because Eugene had to go out to Long Island to close up his Mom's Hampton's house for the winter. Hopefully, he'll be back tonight but - in the meantime - I wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to check out some strollers and car seats and HK is willing to come along and use Ada to test drive them.

Actually, HK is being extra sweet and is picking me up in her Prius so that I don't have to haul my rather large belly all over the subway system to get to Buy Buy Baby - where apparently all of the strollers in creation reside.

I would like to resist the call of the Big Box Store - and I find their 3-d animated baby logo super creepy - but I need to see twin strollers and there just aren't that many places that keep a wide variety on hand. I need to be able to actually handle them - because for the most part they are huge and unwieldy so I am trying to find the exception to the rule.

And it also needs to fit in our new elevator - which is not huge.

I am saving all of the boutique-ie decor and fun baby shopping for your visit though! We can hold little layettes up to my belly! We can find non-sex-specific bedding with cute animals or something on it. I saw that Christina Agulera (sp?) got some Petunia Pickle Bottom stuff which is unbelievably adorable... but also $$$$.

We shall aspire to that level of cuteness... but on a more economical scale.

And I am sorry if I have defiled our blog by posting something about Christina Agulera her. Mea culpa. But Nicole Richie hasn't publicized what sort of bedding she is getting. I take what I can get.

In case you are wondering how big the bump is these days, here you go!

32 Weeks on a normal person = 23 weeks on me!

I just realized that, in this photo my ta-tas look kind of ginormous, but they are pretty much the same size as before. I think the huge belly is propping them up.

* Hoping I don't get sued for using this title - apparently anything ending in 'in the city' is trademarked by the Sex in the City people - because, you know, New York was NOTHING before they made Sex and the City. NOTHING!

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K said...

get the stroller with the twin front and back, rather than side by side, if you can find it....