Friday, November 16, 2007

This is our new building - we hope...

Eugene scratching his head, thinking about how long his new commute will be

Well, the weather is definitely getting wintery. I pulled out my Burberry trench this morning, belted it over the bump (empire-waisted Burberry! Tres chic!) and marveled that I probably only have a couple of weeks left to wear it. Usually I would wrap and tie it like a bathrobe. Not so much now. We are straining at the buttons now.

Luckily, I have my crazy monkey-fur coat (no real monkeys were harmed in the making of it... only a bunch of polyesters) and that vintage houndstooth coat to hopefully see me through until February. I'll be like Cruella de Ville with a baby bump.

Otherwise the twins will freeze!

Just kidding.

Any hoo... we turned in the monstrous pile of paper known as our co-op application today... signed, notarized and footnoted to the horizon. I was very excited to get it completed because, quite frankly, it was more complicated than my college applications and only slightly less so than our taxes - and that's why I have an accountant to do the taxes.

There should be a person to complete co-op applications too! Actually, there probably is but I didn't think to look into it until just this very moment.


It's very exciting to think about moving to a new neighborhood. To a new apartment. With doors that close.

And bizarre to think that, if everything works out, shortly after we move we will have TWO BABIES! OF OUR OWN! FOREVER!


We will also have loads more space, lots of windows, a dishwasher and washer and dryer, an elevator and a big park right next door. Which are all really really good things. Especially if you have TWO BABIES! FOREVER! ALL YOURS!

The babies thing is actually starting to sink in a bit more.

Could you tell?

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