Thursday, November 22, 2007

Some of the Many Things I Am Thankful For This Year

Baby B

Baby A

My little turkeys

I suppose this comes under the better-late-than-never-category, but I am so very very lucky this year and I thought you should know that I know it! In particular, the things I am thankful for are...
  • My little niblets, who are 24 weeks and 2 days today! 24 weeks, being considered a major milestone for viability. They are also kicking up a storm - to the point where I can see my belly poking out in the spot where they are kicking.
  • That you are coming to help me sort out all of this baby stuff that needs sorting out! I am so excited for you to see my crazy baby bump in person and to get your help figuring out what colors and whatnot I should be shopping for. I just can't wrap the few braincells I seem to have left around it.
  • Our new apartment (fingers crossed). The idea of living someplace with so much space (comparatively speaking) is crazy!
  • That Stephanie (Ernie's daughter) cooked Thanksgiving dinner - and gave us the leftovers! And that my husband was good enough to help with all the dishes.
  • Which brings me to being thankful that Eugene is picking up a lot of the slack of doing stuff that I don't really have the energy or desire to do. And he's as excited and entranced by the babies as I am.
  • And also to the fact that I am very grateful for Tums. God bless whoever developed Tums.
Mostly, I am grateful that we are all so very lucky - in our circumstances, in our health, in all of the ways that people can be lucky I think that we've got it pretty well sewn up. When I say 'we' I mean you and me and Mom and Dad and our friends and loved ones.

I feel thankful for these things every day, but this is probably the best day to express that.

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