Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Can you see how delicious the dinner above was? It was made by one of Andy's dads, and it was not only elegant but extremely tasty. There was a starter too, and homemade pie for dessert and lovely wine with each course. When I was in the Bay area for my writing workshop, I had about 15 minutes free, at the exact moment when Andy and Bobby were in the city visiting the dads. The boys had been drinking all day and were um, very cheerful when I picked them up. I thought we were just going to grab a quick cocktail or something, but they kidnapped me and took me to dinner, where I was surprised with this feast.

I loved it all, of course, the mischevious boys, the delicious food, and of course getting a little more insight into where Andy is coming from. It was the most fun kind of family dinner, from a very untraditional family. I felt most thankful to be invited.

I hope you all have a great family dinner of one kind or another for this holiday, with whatever traditions you like best. I won't even go into the whole historical thing, but I will say that I feel pretty sure that it is always always good to be thankful.

And I think you know by now, that I am mostly definitely that.

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