Monday, December 31, 2007

My Weekend

We close on the apartment this Friday, so we are in full on apartment moving/prepping mode. We've spent a lot of time shuttling junk to the Salvation Army and down to the garbage room... and I am sure that we have many more trips to make.

14 Years of junk is no joke!

In between junk runs we've also found time to go back to the Tasting Room - twice. And I have sat in the same seat both time! It's my spot, yo! I'm going to go every weekend 'til these babies are born, I think!

We've also done some furniture shopping and chosen a new sofa... It was very challenging, since Eugene wanted a sofa that feels like a marshmallow and I wanted one with a bit more style... Here's the scene:

Our new living room, bright, airy, picture moldings and solid oak parquet floors...

Here's Eugene's favorite:

From Mitchell Gold, down-filled and cushy as all get out. I couldn't haul my considerable self out of it... the cushions fit snugly enough so that at least it wasn't a future baby death trap. but I am not really a rolled-arm couch kind of person... and white linen slipcovers - though washable - seem like a very dangerous idea...

I will give Williams & gold credit for having the cutest mascot EVER though:

My favorite, while stylish (IMHO) and a gorgeous color and yummy fabric, was not comfortable enough for Eugene... i.e. he did not fall asleep immediately upon making butt contact with the cushions:

It's from Room and Board, and - while I love it - I could imagine how a house guest would not necessarily find it the most comfortable place to sleep. And we do try to keep future house guests in mind when we are making these choices!

The winner? A compromise:
It's like the love child of our individual favorites! I am sad to say that it is from Crate and Barrel, which sounds like we were super-lazy about looking for furniture... but we really looked at like ten places before going there.

Now we just have to furnish the rest of the place... and don't even get me started about painting the place.

In other news... you will be glad to know that Jason Dohring, AKA Logan from Veronica Mars is back on TV!

You remember Logan right? Yum!

He's on a kind of crappy new show called Moonlight. It's a show about vampires... which I am sure is not of particular interest to you, and I haven't seen him take his shirt off... yet... but he's still sarcastic and boyish and gives that sexy look from under his eyelashes, so it's better than nothing.

Just thought you should know, I am always looking out for you!

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