Tuesday, January 01, 2008

You Used To Be A Girl Scout

With a library card. And a stamp collection. Who had a problem remembering her address.


kelly w said...

dude, I would have a problem remembering that address now (age 41).

What I love most about this photo, tho, is the ran-out-of-room-to-fit-my-surname thing. That used to always happen to me when I was a kid. :->

Allison said...

Hmm, I did have a very interesting early sense of typography. But I think that the librarian must have been the one who messed up the library card - they DO require proof of address, you know!

By the way, I have a small box of stuff that will be getting shipped to you - including a gorgeous black Tocca coat that still has the tags on it. And your college diploma.