Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Things I Do Well

... that would be a list that does not include registering for a baby shower. Good thing I have other talents. Like eating. That's valuable, right? Allison and I fed the twins well this weekend, with Tasting Room for brunch, Momofuku for lunch, and a really nice dinner at the communal table at Back Forty.

Happy mom, happy Baby A, happy Baby B!

NYC was so cold Saturday, we were all boots and hats and hoods, stopping for hot beverages at every opportunity, hot cider from the stand at Union Square, gulps of chocolate from the truck outside the galleries in Chelsea, and a latte from the newly renamed 9th Street Espresso. I was assured that the baristas were going to be just as crabby as ever, and maybe they are, but never to me. The best barista though, the guy at Tasting Room espresso who recognized me from... whenever I was in town last - July? That's another thing I'm excellent at, getting coffee. Too bad that doesn't do Ali much good these days. It did get her out of the cold a few times this weekend though. I had a great time, Ali, so glad you asked me to come.


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