Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Watch out for flying needles!

I saw this and thought of you... en garde!

I miss you already! And the twins do too! As soon as you left they started whinging and kicking up a storm. I had to quiet them with ice cream.

Thank you for tolerating the Babies R' Us. It was torture for all of us, I think. A person has only to look at the photo in the last post to know how horribly coated in pastel the place is. And if they couldn't tell from my outfit in the photo... I am not a pastels person.

Speaking of that photo... wow I am big! 175 lbs and measuring 35+ weeks big. One can only imagine how much bigger I can get. I guess we'll see. I was impressed that you could still stretch your arms alllllll the way around me!

Thank you also for the fun brunch on Sunday and the walk around NoLita and SoHo. It was great to just sort of natter about and enjoy being without responsibilities or any particular objective. It was really fun for me. Despite the narsty smell in that bookstore bathroom.


And thank you for the adorable baby socks! When Euge got home, he was so tickled by them! I can't wait to see how cute the new yarn turns out to be.

Basically, thankyouthankyouthankyou!

It meant the world to me that you came. It was like the best pre-Christmas present ever.

Even better than the diaper bag.

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Heather said...

Please bitches! I knit so much faster than that! Bang! You're dead!

No, not you, Ali. Love you. It meant just as much to me to see you.