Monday, December 03, 2007

The Week of Evil Twins

First, I have to apologize to your twins, Ali, and please let them know that this post in no way refers to them. Really. But I gotta tell you about some stuff that's been going on here lately.

I think it started on Thursday, the day that Andy and Bobby both wore Penguin shirts. See? It was like they were evil twins. A being the evil twin of B. That was the same day that I got off the elevator at work and found Sara's cube empty, under construction, and the floor dark. Then I went to open the door to my office and found it... empty!

Of course, the problem was that I was on the 7th floor, which is the evil twin of the 9th floor, where my office was waiting for me, with my nice Matisse poster and photos on my bulletin board, and happy brown cup. Sara was there too, at her desk, which was not at all under construction.

There were other evil things happening, mostly in my head. The blood vessels in my head were the evil twins of themselves, doing whatever evil thing they do that makes the migraines. That happened on and off all weekend, with me trying to do things in between pain waves, things like Write-O-Rama at Hugo House, which was great, and Kathy's wedding, also great, and other things like turning my apartment into a baby sock factory. There was also sleeping and whining, and other people feeding me, which was the nicest part of the suffering. Even though the appetite is never so good with the headaches.

And it snowed! Here it is.

But now the snow has turned back into rain, which is the evil twin of snow. It's pretty evil, right now, I have to say. I don't mind the drizzle, I don't mind the gloom. But we have now reached, as you may have seen on the news, flood stage, and that is not conducive to the walking to work. Which is what I, being a newly minted walk addict, am craving. Because driving to work is walking's evil twin.

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Allison said...

I have a very hard time believing that someone who shares my birthday AND has red hair could be the 'evil twin'.

Nope, just not buying it!

Hope you are feeling better though. Obviously, the migraines addled your brains.